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For over 40 years in the painting products sector, present in 40 countries with dedicated stylistic creations. At the centre of each project is colour as a tool for qualifying the architectural space, the protagonist of the environment. Our continuous research is the driving force for innovation that led to the creation of the Loggia White Store project. The turnkey store where technology and innovation blend with art and the study of colour at 360°.

Discover The Complete Range of Loggia Products

A highly professional Product Line. A range that boasts between building and industry about 500 products International patents such as Umana, washable, water-based paints, specific anti-mold and anti-condensation products, paints for indoor and outdoor, super matt, blackboard effect, specific products for each environment. Enamels, impregnating agents, protections for every surface, both for walls and floors, for indoor and outdoor.

Discover The Possibilities For Any Surfaces

The all-Italian art of interior design, and the study of colour combined with the techniques of protecting both internal and external surfaces, has led us to the creation of a LINE OF COVERINGS FOR ANY SURFACES WHETHER INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL. To decorate facades and renovate any type of environment: Walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, choosing from over 40 decor for
walls and floors for both indoor and outdoor.