BiPlasma 3D Metal

Bi-Component Moldable Metal Decorative Coating

Budget Estimation
Starting from
RM 65 per sqft (including installation)
Note: This is just a general price estimation. For more details on the pricing please contact us.

BiPlasma 3D Metal is a two-component moldable plastic coating for interior, formulated with special binders, thickeners and inert fillers. With the addition of real metal powders, it transforms every surface into a metal, that the applicator can shape according to his own creativity to obtain shiny metallic finishes in metallic foil.

Suitable for furniture, walls, tiled floors, and cement floors, both small and large surfaces, BiPlasma 3D Metal is indicated for the internal finishing of ancient, modern and classic buildings, home, commercial establishments, luxury hotels to which you want to confer elegance and decorative originality with metal elements. It's special formulation makes it seamless, very hard and very durable. 





Dilution (water)

Approx. coverage


Drying time      


Base coat
( For floor or tiled walls only)

Super P3D/ Stucco P3D

2 Coats with Fiber Mesh

Ready to use

1 m2/kg

6-8 h



Primer P3D
Wall or Floor

1 Coat

Dilute with 5% water

10 m2/L

1-2 h



Intermedial P3D

1 (or 2) Coats

Ready to use

14 m2/L

4-6 h


Finish coat

BiPlasma 3D Metal

2 (or 3) Coats

Mix with Metal Powder.

Mix with catalyst and dilute up to 10 % water

4 m2/L

4-6 h


Protective coat


Microvetro Bi

2 (or 3) Coats

Mix with catalyst and dilute 10 to 20 % water

5 m2/L

4-6 h

Transparent (Matte, Satin or Glossy)

Please refer to below Step by Step Guide for more details.

Step by Step in Details

Step 1 (Base Coat – Super P3D) – For Floor or Tiled Walls only

  • Apply at least 2 layers using stainless steel trowel.
  • Insert Fiber Mesh on the first coat while its wet.
  • Apply second coat after first coat is dry.
  • If necessary, apply the third coat.
  • After 6-8 hours, sand with 80/100 sanding paper.
  • Remove any residual dust.

Step 2 (Fixative – Primer P3D)

  • Make sure surface is dustfree.
  • You may dilute Primer P3D Floor with 5% water.
  • Apply the primer using roller.
  • Wait 1-2 hours to dry.

Step 3 (Primer – Intermedial P3D)

  • Intermedial P3D Floor is to be tinted the similar colour as BiPlasma Metal colour.
  • Apply Intermedial using roller
  • Wait 4-6 hours to dry

Step 4 (Finishing Coat – BiPlasma 3D)

  • Mix BiPlasma 3D D/A with BiPlasma 3D Metal Powder at 1:1.5 ratio and stir it thoroughly.
  • Mix BiPlasma 3D Metal with the Catalyst (part B) at 10% 1kg of Bi Plasma with 100g of Catalyst.
  • Once catalyzed, add up to 10% water, if necessary.
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes before applying it.
  • After adding Catalyst (part B), please use it within 4 to 5 hours.
  • Apply the first coat of BiPlasma using stainless steel trowel, spreading the surface evenly
  • After 1 hour, apply the second coat and if necessary, the third coat.
  • After 24 hours, sand the floor with 320-600-800-1000 grits until obtaining a semi-gloss finish
  • You may continue to sand with 3000-6000 grits to obtain high polished finish.

Note: It is appropriate to mix different batches of the same color in order to ensure color uniformity during application.

Step 5 (Protective Coat – Microvetro Bi) - Optional

  • Mix Microvetro (part A) and Catalyst (part B).
  • After adding Catalyst (part B), please use it within 4-5 hours.
  • Dilute Microvetro with 20% water for the first coat and 10% water for the second coat.
  • Microvetro has 3 types of glossiness: Opaca (Matte), Lucido (glossy) and 30 Gloss (Satin), each with different part B ration.
  • Apply first coat using Roller.
  • Wait for 4-6 hours to apply second coat.

Note: Microvetro is recommended for table top, shower area and floor. 

Ideal Temperature of application

20 to 35°C

Relative Humidity for application

<= 50%

Dry Film Thickness

0.5 to 1.5 mm per coat

Touch Dry

2 to 4 hours (at above temperature and humidity conditions)

Completely Dry

12 to 24 hours


1.55 kg/L



Solid Weight


Metal Effect Colours






Shelf Life

2 years in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Min storage temperature

+5°C (41°F)

Max storage temperature

+30°C (86°F)

  • The product can be colored with L’ANGELO 4OX color system. It is appropriate to mix different batches of the same color in order to ensure color uniformity during application.
  • For a perfect hold of the product on slippery surfaces, roughen the surface with specific paper or grinder.
  • Super P3D/Stucco P3D is required for floor, tiled walls or bare cement walls.
  • Protective coat is recommended for floor, shower area and table/kitchen top.